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Frequent slow 4G download speeds in inner Sydney

I am frequently getting very slow download speeds despite full 4G reception.  Most mornings between 7am until about 8.30am the speed is so slow no webpages can load at all. During the day, download speeds fluctuate between about 0.5 mbps to all of a sudden getting 20-30 mbps for a short period of time, before the speed again drops down to about 0.5.  At peak evening times, it usually sits around 1-2 mbps.  Strangely, upload speeds are always around 10 mbps, regardless of how slow the download speeds are.  


Has nothing to do with usage, as I am well below my usage limit for the month.  It's also not just my phone, but the same issue is encountered by everyone at my place on the Telstra network.  It happens in inner Sydney, near the naval base. Are there just too many people on the network? Could the naval base be causing interference (although the reception itself is fine, it's just the data speeds that are affected)? How does one report this to the Telstra tech people to look into boosting capacity in the area or possible sources of interference with the network (because I've already gone through customer service with little success)?    

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Re: Frequent slow 4G download speeds in inner Sydney

7-8:30 is when all the overseas tourist wake up and start downloading/updating their Facebooks and all that rubbish social media. Have you ever sat in the hotel and watched? I have experienced this al over the world - breakfast and dinner times are the worst.
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Re: Frequent slow 4G download speeds in inner Sydney

Hi JKen1, ForensicsGuru is right, this sounds like congestion, the best way to report this is to contact the tech team on 125 111.

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