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H/H+ Signal Icon

Just recently bought a Moto G 5G Plus phone and been on a trip. Where I was staying the signal strength was mostly showing H, and occasionally 3G and 4G.


When H was showing, I couldn't browse the net, or even send MMS messages. Normal SMS and phone calls were perfect. Is this a handset issue (ie the frequency for H isn't supported by the phone) or a setting somewhere? I found in the settings a can select network type and have the options of 3G, 4G and 5G (recommended). It was on 5G but tried other 2 options without success.

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Re: H/H+ Signal Icon

H & H+ are symbols for HSDPA/HSDPA+ basically 3.5G3G+, or Turbo 3G data services, or even UMTS. Best traffic rate was about 384K..  so probably too slow for browsing etc. but OK for email (although slow)

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