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How hard can it be to unblock a phone?

I need my pre paid iPhone unblocked to be able to put in andaand different network provider's SIM card.

1. Do this online with your IMEI, but I get the message that seeing it is pre-paid I have to unblock by ringing a number given

2. Ring the number only to be told that due to Covid-19 that I will have to do this online. 

3. Because of this loop I find on here that I can go to a Telstra store, however, after waiting 1.5 hours to see the Telstra representative and after a further half an hour that they cannot do this as "we are not allowed". The best they could do was put in a request for someone from Telstra to contact me regarding my issue but it will take 5-10 business days to do so.

4. Second loop created as I contacted the virtual assistant via the My Telstra app only to be told to go to a Telstra store as they can unblock my phone.


Surely someone at Telstra can unblock my phone.


I am annoyed so many companies are using Covid-19 as an excuse for poor service.


Please contact me so that I can unblock my phone ASAP.


Any help is most appreciated.


Regards Steve

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Re: How hard can it be to unblock a phone?

I,m in the same boat.  Funny how they are able to get you set up on a new phone plan, connect and take your money!!!  I,ve also had the bull**bleep** telstra run around. 6 weeks now ans still cant get any service,...no wonder people switch away from telstra..


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Re: How hard can it be to unblock a phone?

We are in exactly the same boat.  Paid them $25 for Unlock Code on 29th June.  Still nothing on e.mail.  Have been to Telstra shop told the same thing as you were.  Have been on phone “on hold” for most of the day.  We have been with Telstra for 45 years! but won’t be much longer.  Very disappointed with Telstra.  

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