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How to report intermittent Tower Outage?

I have been experiencing continual outage of the cell tower servicing my home area, where the 4G signal regularly drops, after about 30 seconds I re-stablish a UMTS (3G) connection and then use this to redial the lost call (started initially on 4G). It is tower eNB 537042 (LTE) channel 28. This seems to be going up and down regularly. If I monitor the signal strength it too is wavering and used to be pretty consistent. I have walked the streets around the tower monitoring the signal strength and it keeps dropping that coincides with, for example, audio streaming dropping out.

I cannot find anywhere on the Telstra web site to report such faults and previous links provided in Crowd Support are broken.

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Re: How to report intermittent Tower Outage?

Send an email to with the location of the Tower, when the problem started and your contact details.

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Re: How to report intermittent Tower Outage?

You need to totally eliminate your own handset by conducting the same tests with another phone.

Handsets are almost always more often the culprit.



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