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How to report 'telstra.internet' APN issues?

Hello everyone, We are an IoT device manufacturer and have many devices that operate on 3G and Cat-M1. We have been experiencing issues with the telstra.internet APN at our workplace on and off for months. The issue tends to show mid-morning and goes until late afternoon and during this time, we cannot connect to the internet using the telstra.internet APN.


Due to the M2M SIMs we use, we are fixed to telstra.internet and cannot use another (telstra.wap).


We can reproduce the issue (no internet) by switching our mobiles to 3G only and the APN to telstra.internet.


We are able to reproduce it on dozens of IoT devices in-house.


I've reported the 3G-related issue to Telstra in the past to no avail, however, now we are seeing it on our Cat-M1 devices and it seems to be getting worse. Can someone please advise who I can contact to get help on the situation? It is our business and it is making it impossible to test in-house lately.

Thank you in advance,


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