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I live near Brisbane yet all my internet traffic is being routed through Sydney.

As the subject title says I live 70km away from Brisbane yet all my internet traffic is being routed through Sydney. Using speedtest i get good download/upload however the default server it's locating to is Sydney and it's giving me 40ping (high) and if i change it to Brisbane (the server im actually closest to) it gives me 60 ping.

Here is a tracert log of me pinging a telstra Brisbane server.


Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms TELSTRA-MODEM []
2 46 ms 41 ms 37 ms []
3 49 ms 48 ms 39 ms []
4 47 ms 49 ms 47 ms []
5 58 ms 61 ms 78 ms []
6 64 ms 79 ms 61 ms []

Trace complete.

As you can see the route goes from where i live (70km from brisbane) to sydney back to brisbane instead of just brisbane right away. This causes much higher ping than it should for literally everything i do online.

I've tried restarting modem, resetting modem, changing dns servers, using a different pc and praying.

It should also be noted that i'm not using a vpn or proxy. I've tried calling customer support and they've told me they can't help. Referring me to 'platinum' support where i have to pay extra.

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Re: I live near Brisbane yet all my internet traffic is being routed through Sydney.

Are you using the the Ookla Speedtest or the Telstra version. Either of them will let you determine which server you test to...  and if you experiment a bit more you will find that it will connect to the lowest ping in most cases, trying to maintain decent performance.  I have signed up to Ookla speedtest and will show me the current connection point in the Settings area of my log in..  it allows me to log all the tests I do..


As to where Telstra decide to route your connection to, that depends on many different factors, availability and general performance being two of those..  I live in the Redlands Area, east of Brisbane but my internet service (NBN HFC with a Static IP) is variously routed to Buderim, Withcott, Gold Coast, Sydney and other centres..  on very rare occassions I get Woolloongabba and even Capalaba, but that is not often. That said, in Speedtest results I rarely see any more than 5 ~ 7md pings...


I have found that my speedtest results don't seem to vary much regardless of where I am connected too, so I don't concern myself with the vagaries of it much - the Telstra network seems to be fairly robust lately, so as long as it works I am happy..  When I noticed this happening back in the early days of my NBN connection, I found if I powered the modem down, it would often connect to a different server when it was powered up again.


All that said, and not knowing what type of internet service you have, it would seem to me that you are having a problem with the local end of your connection. Have you tried forcing your service onto 4G Backup and running the speedtests over that, for a comparison?

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