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Intermittently can not make or receive calls on the network

I live on the Surf Coast, Victoria, 3228

For the last month, nearly every weekend and sometimes the days around it I have not been able to make or receive calls.

I can send and receive texts

I can use apps and data e.g. web, mms, streaming music

I have done all the usual restart, gone through all the permutations of haiving different services on the phone on and off e.g. wifi, bluetooth, mobile data, switching airplane on and off, all the boolean options in the settings.

This is not a phone issue, my partner who has her own account and a different phone - I have an android, sha has apple, has the same experience.

The coverage shows 4g, then when a call is attempted it shows 3g and the call will time out without connecting.

I will get a text message that I have a missed call but no call was ever received, the incoming calls goes straight to voice mail.

My mother in law lives 20ks down the road, is on the same network and is able to make calls.

All weekend and yesterday (monday) I could not make a call.  Today (Tuesday) I can make calls.

This feels like a network or tower issue.

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Level 22: Superhuman

Re: Intermittently can not make or receive calls on the network

It does seem like a tower issue..  maybe congestion - lots of people hunkered down, WFH or using the services to the max. 


Do you have internet where you are and are you able to connect to that? If so, can you check to see if your devices are enabled for Wi-Fi calling (uses the data connection rather than the voice network)..

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