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International Day Pass charges me whether I use my phone or not

I have just today received an SMS from Telstra saying that I now have to use Day Pass when I want to roam overseas, and that pay-as-you-go-rates are no longer available. I have tried Day in the past when travelling overseas, but it gets triggered by small amounts of data that are not initiated by me (as small as 1kb and only ever on the hour despite Mobile Data and Data Roaming turned off). On the first trip I experience this I complained to Telstra and they credited me the day pass charges, but could not explain the small amounts of data that had caused the problem.


In subsequent trips I requested Day Pass be removed, and ran with my phone’s Mobile Data and Data Roaming turned off, so I could still receive txt messages as needed. Sure enough, there were those small amounts of data again, but at least this time they were not costing me $10/day. Further requests to Telstra for assistance as to what I needed to do to stop these small amounts of data produced no answers so I have since always just relied on pay-as-you-go-rates to get around the problem, and just put up with the small data charges that never amounted to more than a dollar or two.


Now I have a real problem as Telstra are forcing me to use Day Pass, but to my knowledge have still not fixed the problem of these small data charges. Its not just me, as there are many similar concerns raised on Crowd Support regarding the same problem. I assume they are as a result of the cell tower polling the phone or something similar, as they only occur on the hour, so don’t think they are the same problem that some Apple users suffer with apps updating despite mobile data being turned off. My phone was previously a Samsung S7, but now an S9.


Can anyone tell me if the problem has been fixed, or whether there is a work around?  I am certainly not going to be happy with being charged $10/day even if I don’t use my phone while roaming.

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Re: International Day Pass charges me whether I use my phone or not

Turn your phone on flight mode for the time you are not using it, you can still access wifi on flight mode.

Secondly contact telstra before you leave to completely bar your mobile data, WAP, 3G/4G data.

You'll be fine in the end you can always ask for a credit.
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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: International Day Pass charges me whether I use my phone or not

The little trickles of data are most likely caused by Location Services on your phone pinging the local network to help determine it's location. Location Services seems to override Airplane Mode.


If you turn off location services, or force it to GPS only, then this should eliminate the problem.

Never be afraid to back yourself when trying new things, just always make sure you have 3 escape routes if things go wrong.

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