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International Daypass

I recently tr aavelled to NZ. Whilst in Melbourne airport I enabled internarional roaming and daypass. After I arrived in NZ I got a message after about an hour from Telstra telling me I'd already accrued over $100 of charges for data. This was a bit of a surprise as I'd already activated the roaming and day pass hours before. I went back into 24/7 and found the roaming activated but the day pass not activate. My wife's phone had exactly the same thing happen. We both activated day pass but started getting charged for data upon arrival and had to re-activate day pass retrospectively.


This seems pretty unfair. Is there any process by which I can challenge the $100 of data costs on my bill?

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: International Daypass

Call 132200 and speak to a consultant. 

Note: the day pass is normally automatically activated, you may have inadvertently deactivated it instead.

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Re: International Daypass

This happened to me as well. My day pass activated automatically. But they still charged me standard roaming rates (0.75c a text and 1.50 for incoming and outgoing calls. When queried it, I was told that the "unlimited international texts and calls" only includes calls and texts made back to Australia. So pretty much everything in the website is bull**bleep**?

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