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International Roaming shows "no service" when overseas

I have arrived back in Italy from Switzerland and I receive the No service indication.

had no issues in Switzerland or in Italy prior to last Wednesday .

got around it by using a global roaming wifi , but would have thought that The problem was resolved by now.

i have two iPhones and both are not registering -no service .

i have tried to use manual selection of network service , it finds about 6 services but will not connect to any of them.

can you help ?

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: International Roaming shows "no service" when overseas

The number of posts with iPhones not working properly with International Roaming is ridiculous at the moment.

The "standard fix" is to reset your network settings, but I have been told that occasionally, the only thing that fixes it is a full factory reset.
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