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IPSec VPN over Mobile Broadband has stopped working

Hi, once upon a time the sun shone, the birds sang and my IPSEC Dialup VPN worked just fine whilst paired over my Telstra 4G handset.


Then sometime recently, it stopped working. I've just spent 2 days confirming that the issue is isolated to Telstra, and impacts all of our devices using Telstra, and all our customers devices using 4G.


If you're network inclined, what you'll see is that Telstra are using policy routing to send IPSEC related traffic out different IPs, and these IPs are changing rapidly - like at least every 30 seconds or so. So for example I send a stream of IKE packets , and every 15-30 seconds it starts appearing from a different source IP on the remote gateway.


Which makes the VPN very unhappy.


I've seen similar posts by people over the years suggesting that a different APN or product/service is required. Several years ago I had the identical issue with a Telstra 4G Dongle (Netgear but had a telstra firmware). They fixed it by sending me a new custom Telstra firmware for the device.


So what I'm hoping, is that someone within Telstra reads this, looks up SR1-1421773807625 and then calls me to get the problem sorted. My number will be on the ticket. Because this is just a complete and utter waste of everyone's time. I am being slowly but surely bludgeoned to death by CSOs who haven't even heard the term VPN before let alone policy based routing and APN.



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