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Is anyone's calls dropping out on specific phone numbers?

2 Issues: 1) My call goes silent for 2-3 seconds before dropping out with specific numbers. Sometimes it will go for 10 minutes and sometimes it won't pass 2 minutes. It happened on my iPhoneX and now that I've changed it to iPhone 11 pro, it's still happening. I called Telstra to complain and within the complain, my call dropped 3 times. 2) I activated eSim on my iPhone 11 Pro. Both sims are Telstra. The data stops working all of a sudden despite having full signal strength on screen. Then I have to restart my cell phone to make it work again. Has anybody gone through this as well? I switched over from Vodafone after 6 years for better coverage and service and this has given me even more grief from past four months. It is affecting my business from four months. Now the only option is optus and I don't know how is their coverage and service. Telstra is too slow to respond.


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Calls Dropping Out


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Re: Is anyone's calls dropping out on specific phone numbers?

It's a common problem with iOS13. Hopefully iOS13.3 will be released soon, as it looks like it may have fixed the problem (at least that's what I've heard from users who have the Beta version).

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