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Local tower has reduced capacity after 5G work

The local tower had work done on it in the past week. A few weeks ago Telstra messaged 5G was available locally. Very recently my phone and others on Telstra have experienced lower signal strength and reports from the other party in our conversations that we are dropping out.

Today I received a text that I had missed a call but the mobile didn't ring. The person on the other end said they received a voice prompt that my mobile was busy but it wasn't.

Are others experiencing reduced quality of service when towers are upgraded?

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Re: Local tower has reduced capacity after 5G work

It's not a capacity issue.. but a coverage issue.

I experience the very same problem since 5G was added to my local tower.

The 5G antennaes get the best position as their frequencies are more difficult to propagate.

In addition...

A friend who is a Telstra dealer.... has received similar complaints since the 5G roll out started.

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Re: Local tower has reduced capacity after 5G work

I hoped as the work concluded on local towers near me that some optimization of the 4G coverage patterns may have been undertaken. No the performance is still less than serviceable at times.

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