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Mobile Coverage GIS Data

I am attempting to use the Telstra Mobile Coverage GIS Server in QGIS however, i am unable to use any of the 'hosted' options for mobile coverage.

The solution made by wishbone1989 in 2016:

was working until late last year or so.
Others have had the same problem


I have since discovered that Telstra (unannounced) relocated the service to:

and with this prefix of 'staging' appear to have changed the hosting method from WFS to VectorTileServer (also unannounced).

It is possible to access CoverageDifferences - however, i do not believe the 'Hosting' section (and arguably the only thing that most people are looking for) is not functioning.

Anyone tips on how to get these datasets (specifically 3g/4g/5g coverage) to load in QGIS?

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Mobile Coverage GIS Data

QGIS does not appear to support pbf data yet. They were hoping to have it ready for version 3.14, but I can't find it in the support documentation, so it looks like you'll have to wait for version 3.15.

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