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Mobile internet

Hi All.


I have a prepaid mobile internet dongle which I use when I am traveling for work.  Never had a problem until last year when I stoped traveling (thanks covid) and haven’t needed to use it. Now it’s not showing on my Telstra account, it’s showing limited service and looks to have “expired”  however I can find no mention in the T&C that you need to continuously keep it charged to keep using it, and I am really pissed off that for some reason Telstra has decided it’s no longer valid -  I bought it outright and expect some sort of continuity of use or availability to use.  

can someone shine some light on this-  can I get it reactivated?  I refuse to buy a new one if it just stops working at some point because Telstra says so. 

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Re: Mobile internet

To get the device reactivated you can buy a new $2 SIM or a prepaid starter kit that includes a SIM, insert SIM in the device and activate it. You can often get a starter pack for half the price of the included recharge. At the moment Telstra is offering the $30 recharge starter kit for $15 (Pre-Paid mobile broadband SIMs, plans and devices - Telstra) Supermarkets also offer discounts on recharges.


I assume you had a prepaid mobile data plan. All prepaid mobile plans are disabled six months after the expiry of the last recharge.

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