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mobile network

hi i have not been able to access my mobile for days now.  everytime i try to make a call it says mobile network is not available.  I have changed my contract to the $50 plan.  


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Re: mobile network



Firstly, was the device provided to you from another network? If this is the case, then the handset may be locked to that network. If you get a message on your phone saying something along the lines of Invalid SIM, then contact the provider who gave you the handset originally (Vodafone, Optus, etc)


Otherwise, there are a couple of things that we would normally do troubleshoot the service

- Turn the device off, turn it back on again

- Try the SIM in another handset. If it works, the phone may be faulty. If it doesn't, the SIM may need to be replaced (free of charge in store, takes about 2 minutes)


There are a couple of other things that could be affecting it if these do not fix the issue, however, you will need to go into a Telstra store or Dealer for them to look at your device and account.


Hopefully a simple power cycle will fix the issue, otherwise, I'm sure your local Telstra team will be able to get it up and running for you in no time Smiley Happy




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