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Mobile Phone - Cannot Receive Calls


Unsure if this is the correct board however I believe that my problem is related to my SIM card or network settings.

I recently purchased a new Motorola G8 Plus to replace my aging Motorola G5 S. Installed my Telstra SIM and restored my apps, contacts settings etc from Google. I realised several days later that I could make calls however not receive any. SMS I could receive and send.


I re-inserted my SIM into my old phone and found the same problem was occurring, whilst previously it worked OK. I used Telstra Smart Troubleshooting and a trouble docket INC11250384 was raised. When I went to check the docket status today it was closed. I went through the process again and another docket INC11259098 was raised. A link was provided to fault tracker which required me to use CODI and go through a number of tests again. I made a mistake answering a question. Thought I would start again however the same session keeps being displayed.

I tried diverting all incoming calls to my home phone and later to my mobile voicemail and although diversions were registered on phone, when tested the same problem occurred. 


How can I initiate a message conversation with some-one to overcome this problem. Meanwhile I have requested a new SIM however this request could be rejected.



Peter Scott







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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Mobile Phone - Cannot Receive Calls

Have you checked the Message Centre number on your phone to make sure it's correct (+61418706700). You can find it by going into the messaging app, then settings, then more settings, then text messages.

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