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mobile prepaid

My iPhone 4 and my wife's iPhone 5 are not working in Pointe aux Pimentes Mauritius. International roaming is turned on. My wife's phone would not work in Ubud Bali last Christmas. Telstra say there are no problems with our phones. What is the point of having Telstra Mobile if they do work. We have had enough and on our return to Australia in a weeks time we change carriers. If anybody has any info about this problem please reply... Thanks in advance.

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Re: mobile prepaid

Hi Chipp,


If you have read any of my other posts on this subject you will see that I repeatedly and strongly advise against roaming with Pre-paid. You can not get any Travell Passes (from any carrier) and roaming on prepaid is VERY problematic as many overseas carriers do not support prepaid. The reasons behind this are complex, but largely relate to high credit risk and international settlement of monies between carriers.


you might try totally powering off (not just aeroplane mode or sleep) restart and manually select and try every carrier in turn, some may allow prepaid, and some of the slightly obscure carriers may not have the systems to know..


Sorry you had these problems, but the outcome would, most likely, have been the same with any Australian carrier!

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Re: mobile prepaid

Thanks very much Palpetine for your info. I spent one and a half hours today with Telstra online chat with six agents to be told that roaming was not available. My Telstra shop in Whitfords Western Australia told me last week that I would have no problem HaHa. I read on Trip Advisor about buying Emtel SIM cards here in Mauritius. The online chat told me that Post Paid works here, I wonder!!

Anyhow thanks again..

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