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Mobile Reception has become poor

I currently have no broadband through another provider because they’ve cut my ADSL before establishing a working NBN connection. Anyway, because if this I’m forced to use my Telstra mobile data for work from home however I am only getting 1 bar (2 if I go upstairs) of 4g reception in my house. I used to use my 4g over my wifi because it was faster and now it’s so bad I can barely do my job. Nothing has changed in or around my house that would affect reception and I have checked the coverage map. All fine. I believe this started before COVID so I don’t think it’s related. Help please!

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Mobile Reception has become poor

Go to and enter your address in to the search bar. This will identify the towers that are in your area. You can use that information to send an email to the email address, letting them know of the drop in performance. If you could do a couple of speed tests and include them in the email, that would help them.


Also, if you have an Android phone, then there is an app called "Network Cell Info" that will tell you  what the TAC-ECI is as well as the Channel (DCS) and Signal strength is. All good troubleshooting info for them.

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