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Mobile reception strength

We have been in our unit for 3 years in the lowest location in Merriwa WA and from day 1 our inside mobile reception has been only 0-1 bars on the phone and 0-2 bars on our Ipad. My first complaint met with it is a good reception area.

for the last 4 days i have been on chat backwards and forwards with messages with nothing resolved.

i used fix.telstra.com to run a test which came back with results we are in a no reception or low reception area. On running troubleshooting it establishes we are connected and if we have a steady 1 bar on 4g this is considered a good Connection. Sadly We have 0 bars more than we have 1 bar so the only way we can get consistent reliable mobile phone usage is to bluetooth the mobile phone through our NBN home phone.

this is fine until we are hooked up to a 24 hour  heart monitor Then data transfer is patchy and unsatisfactory as was the case with my wife.

i have a bedside pacemaker monitor that relies on a continuous mobile coverage.

we are both in our 80s have been with Telstra for c56 years and even looked at switching to Optus. We bought an Optus sims card and their reception in this location was even worse than Telstra.

Once you run the blackspot test it gives you the results but not the opportunity to follow up if you are not in agreement.

how can we resolve this issue without breaking the bank?

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