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Mobile Signal is weak

Just transferred my number from Vodafone to Telstra, because I though Telstra would have a better network coverage. But my indoor and outdoor mobile signals are weak ( only 1-2 bars on my iPhone 11 Pro).


My address is Endeavour Hills VIC, which is in Metro area of Melbourne. So, it's a such surprise to me, the signal status is weaker than other two major suppliers.


Can anyone advise a way to check or improve the signal?


Thank you.


Thank you.

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Re: Mobile Signal is weak

You won't be able to improve the signal (especially outdoors) unless you want to spend around $1500 on a signal booster and antenna (which would help indoors, but really not worth it unless you had marginal reception).


You can check out the Towers in your area via rfnsa.com.au

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Re: Mobile Signal is weak

Thanks, I checked the website, there is a 3G and 4GX tower (3177001) about 655m away. 


So, I think it should have a stronger signal.

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Re: Mobile Signal is weak

Being close to a tower doesn't necessarily mean stronger signal, there will be some 'RF shadow' being cast depending on deployment angles and other factors for the antennas.


Do you have an app the tells you 3G/4G signal strength and cell tower ID? 


For Android, the Kaibits network Signal app is quite good (pro version avoids ads).

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