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Need long-life lnternational Roaming

Concerned about:


Dropping the only feature from Long Life Plus that I rely on, announced about 2 days after I did a $70 top-up: 365 day support for International Roaming.


I'm in Singapore, working overseas for a while (few years), would like to retain my number: it's not frequently used, but is needed sometimes; e.g. for 2FA authentication for banking and by those who may not have my Singapore number.

I would be happy with pre-paid or post-paid, at reasonable cost for infrequent use.


One other plan was mentioned, $55/mth SIM-only plus $10/mth roaming. This would take me from $70/year (plus occasional high call & SMS charges) to $780/year!!! Not reasonable for a few SMS/calls every couple of months (more when in-country, post-COVID).


Announcement says an alternative may be offered mid-2021.

Almost 12 months later!! In the unlikely event it's actually on time and/or plans don't change in the meantime (no-one's heard of transition planning?)


Announcement also had the cheek to suggest that such "streamlining" was for my benefit as a customer!


So, called in a few weeks ago, outlined above, operator kindly went to see if there was some other plan.
Call dropped out after several minutes. So I guess not?


(Also trying contact via Telstra app)

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