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Network Blackspot Chambers Flat, QLD

Network Blackspots.. is anything being done to resolve the issue?? I'm in Chambers Flat, QLD and its a really bad blackspot for network and signal for example I'd be more likely to get reception out at sea

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Re: Network Blackspot Chambers Flat, QLD

You could try connecting by Ethernet, you can get them from Search results for: 'Ethernet' | Harvey Norman Australia I recommend a CAT6 if possible if not a CAT5. You could also trying moving closer to the router or modem (kind of obvious). You could get a wifi extender for pretty cheap, move things that may be in the way of your router or modem.

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Re: Network Blackspot Chambers Flat, QLD

The nearest towers are 3.5-4km away and terrain (and High Voltage Transmission Line) is not your friend in this case.

I can't see any proposals for new towers in the vicinity.


You could report the problem by either going to https//fix.telstra.com or by sending an email (include your contact details) to basestation.enquiries@team.telstra.com

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