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No calls or txts while overseas


My phone / sim does not receive or send calls or texts while overseas.

It will pick up the network but it shows no bars and the error when trying to make call is “call failed”

People attempting to call the phone get a phone not reachable error.

I have 2 iPhones a work and a personal both Telstra accounts. The work one is the issue. Bother definite have int roaming enable

I have tried the following;

Restrarting and resetting bothe network and phone settings multiple times.

I have had the problem in USA, NZ and Phillipines

I tried putting the work sim in my personal phone (which works fine) but get the same error.

The phone works fine OS when I use my personal sim in it.

It generally picks up a network (eg att or T-Mobile in the us but shows no bars)

I have tried disabling 4g

Anyone have any ideas as to what is going on?

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Re: No calls or txts while overseas

It's either an actual sim issue or a Telstra activation type internal setting. I'd speak to technical support and get them to have your service activation settings checked most probably in their MICA system.
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Re: No calls or txts while overseas

Thanks I’ll pursue both of those and see if it will work.

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