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Optimising mobile coverage



I have a neighbour who has poor mobile phone reception, most likely due to the design/style of house they live in, as mobile reception is generally quite good in the area.


My neighbour has a smart antenna installed to boost signal in their house, but hasn't noticed much improvement.


Is anyone aware of a service (Telstra or 3rd party) to optimise smart antenna configuration to maximise mobile reception?



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Re: Optimising mobile coverage

Heya acsand,

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Definitely not great to hear the signal booster is not assisting in boosting the signal within your neighbour's home.

Telstra do provide smart antennae and repeaters and can be organised by contacting us directly.

In regard to third party, unless the device is approved Telstra, it is highly illegal and there are severe consequences for having such equipment in place without proper authority. This is due to the interference in can cause on the network, capable of taking out an entire cell of coverage, affecting many mobile network subscribers.

Best thing for your neighbour to do is to contact us and advise that the solution provided to them is not working and we'll work with them in order to provide the best possible experience with their service.

Hope this helps. Smiley Wink

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Re: Optimising mobile coverage

Thanks Renee,


With regard to 3rd parties - I was looking to see whether there is a service offered whereby a technician will come on-site and optimise the configuration of the Telstra-approved antenna.


Unfortunately, my neighbour has already tried contacting Telstra before and the response has been less than favourable.





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Re: Optimising mobile coverage

While I am sure some technically competent people work somewhere in Telstra, you will have no luck, getting in contact with them. Telstra must have a program to select particularly low technically competent people to customer service, who think everything is solved by turning your device off and on. It is about time Telstra allowed technically competent staff to be able to deal with customers who have genuine issues, and are capable of understanding a little more than where the on/off button is on their device.

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