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Poor coverage in The Vines WA

hi all,


does anyone else have terrible coverage in the vines area? I can barely get 4G and constantly drop calls having to go to 3g to get anything that works but even that is poor quality. It’s is supposed to be good to excellent outdoor coverage for 4GX yet I can only get 4G on band 3, no band 28. Phone is an iPhone 7 but have the same with my brand new M2 nighthawk that only connects to band 3. I know band 28, 700mhx is 4GX. Checked towers, 3 nearby (within 3000m) and all have band 28. Band 3 is 1800mhz which has less range and more affected by obstacles like trees shouldn’t work well before I lose 700mhz coverage) Standing on a two story roof with line of sight is the same.


oh and the M2 has 3di mimo antenna (Omni to allow for connection to either of the towers) with low loss cables to the top of the two story roof.


all I can think is either server congestion(1 pick as was with Optus and had perfect coverage from the same towers) or someone is using a unlicensed booster. Unfortunately I need telstra for country work trips.


using field test mode I find the signal to noise all around my area and the middle of aveley/Ellenbrook to be very poor, 2-4db which techs consider less than 7 poor. RSRQ is always below -110db.... well in the poor section.


has anyone or a telstra rep got any ideas? They are promoting 5g yet 4G and 4GX still has problems. 5g will be MUCH worse given it’s higher 3.6ghz (and this is the early low frequency for 5g)


the phone works perfect everywhere else even out bush with no external antenna but the big shock was the M2 having the same issues with external antenna and high elevation to maximize line of sight.

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Re: Poor coverage in The Vines WA

Sorry rsrp >-110, rsrq is >-27!!! All quoted by LTE specs as poor to very bad=disconnect!


Late at night I have found band 28 and 7 (2600mhz) both have better stats yet phone preferences band3.


thinking two things, one telstra settings push you to band 3, old and slow so most likely a legacy issue, two as the other bands are found at night I believe the towers are limiting there coverage to avoid overloading during the day as I have had a response from telstra coverage saying they know the area has grown heavily (did this about 5-10 years old but good to see they are on top of it) and that they are adding towers, on the map link they sent it was for Bullsbrook and vineash... both very far away... +10km! I just think telstra have messed up and don’t have remotely sufficient coverage/capacity in the area which is a major satellite suburb of Perth.


lets see how they go with 5g that needs many more towers and much more capacity ..... thinking the NBN FTTN will be better.

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Re: Poor coverage in The Vines WA

After having a look at the map, you could be in an area that could be marginal for reception.

It looks like there is a proposal for a new tower (Optus owned, but with Telstra antennas on it), the blue one on the map, that would improve reception.


All the black towers have 700MHz except 6069011, which is a 2600MHz tower.

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Re: Poor coverage in The Vines WA

Thanks Jupiter,


yep already have this plus data from ACMA which shows actual antenna heights and angles. When added to google earth you can see what the coverage is or in this case isn’t. The coverage maps state good to excellent outdoor coverage but reality is anything but. The system has been poorly designed with one of the key towers, 6069001 having a 130 degree gap between antenna which are only rated at 67 but do cover more, hence the normal 120 coverage that with 3 give the 360. The new antenna as quoted from the base station team will NOT occur this financial year. I would say too busy wasting money and tome on 5g when 4G has big holes. The Ellenbrook/aveley/vines area only has 41,000 residents, many use mobile broadband for home internet and some like me still don’t have NBN and are on adsl....


all telstra say is spend $1,200 on a smart antenna to boost my coverage as there network is poor... and that would only help in a portion of my large house. I do note these systems have no guarantee, only increasing signal strength, they do nothing for overloading. I currently use the M2 netgear with external mimo antenna to combine with adsl for usable internet with WiFi calling. Adsl has port upload which you need for WiFi calling hence the M2. After some more digging I have found a major reason for the poor coverage is with 4G in iPhones and the M2 the rsrq takes into consideration the network load as well, plus towers reduce output to further limit overloading. All over the area when I call the only way I can get a stable connection is via 3g which telstra have previously stated they are looking at shutting down as early as next year!


basically telstra are FRAUDULENTLY stating their coverage as there system is woefully under engineered. 


Telstra if you read this get your act into gear. Their is no physical reasons why the coverage is so poor except you can’t be bothered upgrading your systems to meet the load. Just as bad as the NBN (National bull**bleep** network)


Sorry just can’t believe in a major metro area on relatively flat ground, nothing over 20/30m in height over the whole area that coverage can be so bad. 


Everyone i I talk to in the area all say the same thing... telstra are crap. Problem is I need it for country trips where I get far better coverage and quality then my own metro home!!

Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Poor coverage in The Vines WA

Hi @Craigp7,


I can understand your concern regarding your mobile service. It's not the experience that we want to give to our customers. 


Please provide feedback to our engineers here who may use this information when planning network upgrades or maintenance in the future.


Let me know if you have any questions. 


- Tim 


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