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Prepaid overseas calls/texts

I want to keep my Telstra prepaid mobile number while overseas (USA).  Most of the offers are for data with no mention of calls and texts.  I have gone around and around in circles trying to figure out if there are offers for prepaid mobiles while overseas (incl calls/text), or if it's better just to stay with my current AUS recharge and go to international roaming - but then everytime I select prepaid for overseas it comes back to data plans. And most of the plans relate to contracts or post paid.


While overseas I will need to make some calls (within the US to US numbers), send texts (to AUS numbers both in the US and at home), and use some data.  Surely that can't be impossible in this day and age for someone on a prepaid phone. 


I will be there for only 2 weeks and 50% of the number will be free call numbers in the US (confirmations etc).


Any advice is appreciated.



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Re: Prepaid overseas calls/texts

You can use it, however there are not any pre-paid travel packs except the data ones, at least currently.

So any calls or text made or calls received will be charged at the rate applicable to the country you are in at the time.

The prices are listed here:

But use has the following listed...
Make and receive a call: $3.00 per minute
Send SMS: 65c
Receive SMS: Free
Data: $3.00 per MB (charged per KB)
Send MMS: Standard Charges*+ $1.50 per MMS
Receive MMS: Free to receive
MessageBank®: $3.00 per minute
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Re: Prepaid overseas calls/texts

Also, take note that free call numbers in the US will still cost you. They are not free while roaming.

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Re: Prepaid overseas calls/texts


Thanks very much for your reply Dr. 


So I can definately use any of the recharges available for prepaid (??), and they will work in the US on roaming ??  Jjust that somewhere I read that credit is to be used in Australia only.


Thanks again for your assistance. 



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Re: Prepaid overseas calls/texts


Ah, okay.  Thank you.  Will look into buying a small data pack as backup - which I assume will just piggy back on my current allowance.



Thanks again.

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