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Prepaid vs Postpaid

Up until recently i had two post-paid accounts with Telstra and have now changed to prepaid on both accounts. From the first day I changed I have started missing calls each day on both accounts even though my phone is in my hand. The calls do not even register as a missed call on my phone. I receive a text message saying I have missed a call.


The only thing that has changed is my service changing to prepaid. I use the phone is the same location and the phone is an iPhone 11 Pro with dual sim so both accounts are on the same phone.


This leads me to believe there certainly is  a difference between the service provided for prepaid and post-paid accounts.

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Re: Prepaid vs Postpaid

You shouldn't have any difference in coverage between Telstra Post Paid and Telstra PrePaid.


The only time that this should change is if you switch to one of the Telstra MVNOs such as Belong or Boost who use the Telstra Wholesale network rather than the full Telstra network.

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Re: Prepaid vs Postpaid

I think you need to eliminate a potential fault in your phone to isolate where the problem is coming from.

Try your sims in another Telstra supplied phone/s.

Are you missing calls everywhere or in just the one location?

Co-incidentally to your billing change, if in the one main location, your local cell site/and or surrounding ones may being upgraded for 5G, which is happening everywhere.


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