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Protection systems and costs

Telstra has variously sold its protection platform for $9.95/$10.00 depending on what marketing strategy it is employing. The current protection system is included in my nbn package. Reasonable presumption that part of the cost of the package was $10.00 for said protection. Surely the replacement package should supersede the older system at no cost to the client who has already entered a contract for service. Otherwise, on my contract, this represents an 11% increase to the service. How does the Prices Justification Tribunal view this increase?

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Protection systems and costs

I doubt that any of the members of the tribunal are still alive. It was abolished 40 years ago.

If we were to ask them, they probably would be bothered by the $2.32 (adjusted to 1981 prices) difference in perceived value in the plans.


The previous product was included for free. The new product is an optional extra provided on a commercial arrangement with a 3rd party.

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