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Retrieve a not active Telstra number

Hi There


Got an urgent problem. 

I am currently travelling overseas, didn't check SMS regularly. I just found out my telstra prepaid number was no longer active since last 22 Nov. 


I have tried to recharge it but failed.


I called customer service team and online chat with customer service team as well, got feedback is I can't take my old number back.


Called Telstra prepaid team again to confirm, representitive talked to me that it is still a on-going process, I can switch prepaid to post paid if the de-activate process finishes and I can still use my old number.


The old number is very important to me, all my bank info, credit card, insurance and etc are associated with it. I can't change my number.


Any one can help me with that, please?


Many Thanks,

A very frustrated Telstra customer

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Retrieve a not active Telstra number

Hi Yipeng,


Apologies for the delay in replying to your post. Has this since been resolved?

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Re: Retrieve a not active Telstra number

You cannot change your prepaid number to a postpaid account.

If you don’t recharge your prepaid account at least once in 12 months, you lose the number.

Make sure you turn off mobile data, when you are using wifi.

Your phone will automatically switch over to data, when the wifi signal is weak and some apps will choose data over wifi, when in use. So go through your apps and turn off mobile data for those which are non essential.
Make sure you turn off push notifications for your emails and turn off background app refresh.

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Re: Retrieve a not active Telstra number

@Delicateskink just to correct some errors in your post (which doesn't deal with the problem that the original poster had anyway).


A PrePaid service can be converted to Post Paid and vice versa, it is done all the time.


A Prepaid service is deactivated and the number returned to the pool 6 months after the last recharge expires (so if you were on a PrePaid plan that had a 12 month expiry, the number wouldn't be deactivated until 18 months after you last recharged).

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Re: Retrieve a not active Telstra number

My apologies, it seems I accidentally pasted an unrelated reply in the last half and I am unable to edit it.


I recently tried to get my son’s Telstra prepaid number changed over to a Telstra postpaid account and I was told by the call centre representative that it was impossible to do so, so I had to get a new service and number.

She also said that the prepaid number and service would be cancelled after 12 months, if I didn’t recharge. Obviously she was wrong.

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