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Samsung Note10+5G Poor Upload Speeds

Hi - I am onto my 2nd Note10+5G (first returned and replaced after 3 weeks of assessment) and both showing terrible upload speed compared with Note9, iPhone XS and iPad Mini 5 LTE.


I live in a 4G area but getting 1-5Mbps upload from Note10+5G compared with 35-45Mbps upload on the other 4G devices in the house. Happens when on auto or fixed to 4G/LTE, regardless of time of day, phone orientation or location. Have tried other areas / cell towers with similar results. 


In all cases brand new Note10+5G, all firmware updates, then factory reset, Mandatory Play Store updates only and Ookla the only app I have loaded (so clean as clean). Compared with 12 month old Note9, fully loaded with apps, photos, music, etc... not shutting anything down but getting 30 times better upload speed.


Samsung are saying the device is operating within specification but signal strength is -99dBm on Note9 and -117dBm on Note10+5G (roughly 1/12th the power). 


Anyone with similar experiences?

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