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SMS/MMS timestamp incorrect



I've recently purchased a Nokia 2720 and have been having problems with the timestamp in my messages. 

Example: I would send myself a SMS at 0600 x/x/2021 and would receive the text a few seconds later but it would be stamped at 0500 x/x/2021 on my messages received. This applies to any text message I receive from anyone.


I factory reset the phone, change the time zone settings to all possible configurations and still no luck. (GMT +8 Perth) (+61418706700 Service Centre)

Contacted Nokia and they suggested it was a problem on Telstra end. I've swapped the sim card for my partners sim which is also Telstra and still I've had the same time stamp problem. 

Paid the merchant who I purchased the phone from and exchanged it to a Nokia 800 Tough and yet the problem still exists.


Has anyone had this problem occur before? 

Thank you!


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