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Last night we lost all internet, mobile and landline services, for hours. Should I have had a need for emergency services eg: fire or ambulance, would the mobile service on SOS mode have enabled me to contact "000" or not.

I was on emergency "call back" for Lismore Base Hospital and couldn't be reached. An interesting situation.

No word from Telstra as yet to explain outages!


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Level 25: The Singularity


That would depend on whether there were Mobile Towers that were still active in the area that could pick up the signal from your phone.  Dialling 000 overrides the network settings and puts the phone in a high power mode in order to give the best chance of getting a signal through. There is also circuitry in the Towers that prioritse the signal for a 000 call.


Unfortunately, if there is no signal at all, then there is no way of contacting emergency services.  If it is critical that you haave some method of contacting emergency services at all times, it might be worth investing in a UHF radio (CB - not handheld) and have that set on Channel 5 with the Duplex Repeater function switched to "On". This will bounce through any Trucks that are travelling through the area and a message can be passed through. Might be worth having a chat to your local emergency services (police or SES would be a good starting point) to see what htey would recommend.

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Telstra (Retired)


Over 18-19 May we had an issue impacting customers in Taree and centres along the north coast, which was caused by third party damage to two cables. Our crew have successfully repaired the cables and all services have been restored.

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