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Telstra 5g wifi modem

I have an iPad Pro with 4g SIM card under my Telstra mobile phone shared data plan. I want to take the SIM card out and use it in Telstra’s 5g wifi modem. Telstra’s help line said yep, doable and yep again, you should get 5g in a 5g mobile network area.

Went into a Telstra store today to buy the unit, but the salesperson checked with the technician out the back who said no, the existing iPad Pro 4g sim card cannot be used in the 5g wifi modem. Further, Telstra will not issue a new 5g data sim under my existing shared data plan. (Setting up a separate 5g data plan makes it uneconomic for me at the present time.)


Any views on what the real situation actually is as to whether my existing 4G data sim would work in the 5g wifi modem, and if so, would it get 5g?

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Re: Telstra 5g wifi modem

I haven't tried it because I am not in a 5G area, but I would expect a 4G SIM to work fine in a 5G device. Most of my 4G phone plans have now been given 5G access anyway regardless of whether or not I can use it. So I think 5G access is just a provisioning thing.


It is the device that has the 5G capability (bands, frequencies, antennas) after all. But it is worth a try. My guess is you are putting of buying the 5G device until you know for sure? Wise choice. There have been some reports in CrowdSupport of issues with 5G modems, so maybe being an early adopter might bring other problems?

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Re: Telstra 5g wifi modem

5G access is dependent on the plan that you are on. There is no such thing as a "5G SIM", it is a SIM. Not like the move to 4G, where it was coded into the SIM.


Being on a "Shared" plan, unless it is a Business Plan, then you are on an old plan that does not include 5G access and you would need to get a separate mobile broadband plan as the new plans don't have data sharing.

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Re: Telstra 5g wifi modem

Ta for the advice, much appreciated.

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Re: Telstra 5g wifi modem

Ta Jupiter for the comment. I am on a small business plan, recently hiked my data to 100gb, and believe my phone sim has 5g access. 

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Re: Telstra 5g wifi modem

Can you help me , i have just purchased latest wifi 5G pro , my mobile devices constantly disconnect from the broadband wifi. I restart my devices and no connection, i switch of the modem  and still no connection, i reset the modem and no connection only when i remove the battery from the modem and replace do devices re connect, then a few hours later everthing disconnects again. 

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