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Telstra accounts


my mum and I have an account each with telstra 

mums is home land line and adsl

mine is mobile

Now as i recently did an online order for telstra nbn an unknow new account has popped.

as i did online order for nbn I put my self michael as account holder is that why there is a new account number 

or it is nbn and when its connected does mums account get terminated 

or is it a mistake 

I want nbn to be under mums name and account as its her house not mine.

How can I fix problem


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Level 25: The Singularity
Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Telstra accounts

When you switch from phone/ADSL to NBN, you would be disconnecting you mum's service as it would no longer be active. Unfortunately, thway you've done it, your mum might lose her phone number.


You will need to contact Telstra and explain what you've done and see if they can cancel the order and then migrate your mum' account to NBN instead.


Otherwise, you will need to fill out a change of ownership form to transfer the account to your mum's name and then get her phone number transferred to the new account.

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