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Telstra never likes to resolve customer issues!

I’d like to publicly voice my disgust in your company. I went into a Telstra store to fix my problem of not being able to call 1800, 1300 and Telstra service numbers themselves. nothing wrong with the Telstra store, they were helpful in getting someone to call me.

All good someone calls me, claims to fix the issue and says to wait 2 hours for it to be resolve and restart the phone after that time. 4 hours later, call back the same representative, she claims that I haven’t waited 2 hours yet, told me to wait and then just hangs up the call. No link to get back in touch as I requested..
Telstra store again to request someone to call, this time this person lodges a ticket and told me he will call later that evening to confirm details, next day no phonetical, no link to get back in touch as requested..
And this is just repeating. Ive talked to 13 different consultants now, with no resolution to my problem, rude and incompetent staff in philippines with no clue whatsoever in what they are doing! Ive had 4 Support tickets raised with each of them closed!!
I am now lodging a case with TIO and hopefully I can depart from your company with no charges! Ive had enough!!!!

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Re: Telstra never likes to resolve customer issues!

Hi, Jrmilt.


I'm deeply sorry to read of your negative experience with Telstra, and thank you for conveying your thoughts.


Some issues require more time to be rectified, as cases must be referred to specialist departments for assessment, and each individual case is different.


If you are still dissatisfied with the way your particular issue was handled, you may request that it be escalated to a Telstra Case Manager, who will investigate the case and offer you a solution. Referring the matter to the TIO should be a last resort action, when all other options within Telstra are exhausted. Of course, it's entirely up to you, but the TIO will definitely question whether you've gone through all the appropriate Telstra channels first.


All the very best, and I hope your issue gets resolved swiftly.



Kind regards,

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Re: Telstra never likes to resolve customer issues!

The Telstra rep should have sent you an email or Text with a short cut for recourse for referenc!!!!

I'm not a Telstra employee.
I'm a Wireless 3G/4G LTE/4GX Antenna Sub-contractor and these are my opinions and not of Telstra.
Support Team
Support Team

Re: Telstra never likes to resolve customer issues!

Hi jrmilt That's not good to hear at all, you can request a callback here, just quote your case 1-xxxx reference number so we can refer back to the details of your enquiry and we'll be in touch within 1 business day to assist you. 



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