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telstra next g frequency

hi. i am looking at buying a lg g2 d802. its compatible with 3g hsdpa 850.900,1900,2100 and 4g 800,900,1800;2100,2600.  will this work on the telstra network? next g and 4g ?? thanks. gary.ps i get confused with hsdpa and umsd and so on.

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Re: telstra next g frequency


Telstra 3G WCDMA       which was branded Next G by Telstra marketing.....works on 850MHz

Telstra 4G LTE (regular 4G)  will work,

........but 4GX the faster 4G speed works on 700MHz which is missing from your list. for the LG


3G is more than sufficient for normal everyday uses and I in fact have my 3 smart phones all locked on WCDMA 3 G as it's a superior signal.  Even set on 4G for data, voice calls are overwhelmingly on 3G WCDMA regardless


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Re: telstra next g frequency

thanks for the info, but i need to know about hsdpa not wcdma. you still didnt say yes or no if the phone would work or not on these frequencies. thanks. gary.

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Re: telstra next g frequency

Yes, this phone will work.


for info;

WCDMA is equivalent to UMTS (UMTS is used more commonly as the name so as not to confuse with the older CDMA).

HSDPA is a subset technology for data transfer within UMTS.


On most forums you will see the Telstra frequencies written as UMTS 850MHz or similar.  This means that it operates on the 850MHz band, and in Telstra's case uses HSDPA.


The LG G2 802 is the European version of the phone. The Australian version is the LG G2 802TA.  I can't see anything in the specs that would stop the European version from working the way it is designed to in Australia.

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Re: telstra next g frequency


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