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Telstra One issue

I have an s10+ that i alternatively pair two samsung watches to. Up until today there was no problem, usingbthe gear app to change connected watches. Now i receive an error message that I have reached "maximum pairing attempts" I have contacted Telsta but they could not help andmi am waiting for someone from the network group to contact me (3-5 days). Has anyone else seen this error?

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Re: Telstra One issue

There should only be able to be a single device attached to Telstra One per mobile service. Not sure if that is the cause of the problem. If it is a network setting causing the problem, then you will need to wait for the network group to get back to you. The system definitely isn't designed for continual changing of device though.
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Re: Telstra One issue

It's got NOTHING to do with Network Issues!

I had the same issue with Apple Watch. Called Telstra support who said it was an Apple issue as it in the Watch app and I needed to call Apple. Then said if I delete the Watch app and wait 4 hours it would be all good (clearly had no idea).

I chatted with support through the website (Caryn). It turned out my One Number was still 'locked' to another phone (I guess not properly disconnected the One Number activation).

Took 3 minutes to 'unlock' it and everything now works as it should. No deleting, unparing, resetting etc.

My tip would be to ignore these people who claim to know but are really only guessing (at best) and find someone who does know. Quote Ref INT 1-2034083735523 and have them look at the notes and fix the issue.

"The system definitely isn't designed for continual changing of device though." what boloney.

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