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Telstra Please Check Our Service

Telstra,  please can you check our service.  I have tried to ring, but the queue is soooo long I cannot get through.  I have tried to fill out a fault form online but it keeps telling me it can't recognise the address on the coverage map despite my clicking on the option provided.

Postcode is 4830 - location is Doomadgee, QLD.  On the coverage map it is called Nicholson.

Friday 20/2/15 -: internet and email download painfully slow

Monday 23/2/15 -: internet and email download painfully slow

Tuesday 24/2/15 -: internet and email download a little better but still slower than usual.  Then at 12:00pm approx. we lost mobile service to wireless modem and mobile phones altogether for about 7 minutes.

We run our business solely on mobile phones and mobile wireless internet.  Have Telstra Wi-Fi 4G Advanced ProX Wireless Modem and Telstra Dave mobile phone.

My partner also advised that he received messages from clients 12 hours after they had been left on mobile message bank.

Please can you just look into it and see if there is an issue that needs addressing.

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Re: Telstra Please Check Our Service

You really need to call and log the fault ticket so it gets assigned to an engineer to investigate. The forums can't log tickets on your behalf.


Given the storms in SEQ over the past weekend, it's likely some transmission sites which provide connectivity to your remote area in NEQ were affected.

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Re: Telstra Please Check Our Service

Thanks Ms Megahurtz,  as I mentioned in my note before, I can't log a fault ticket as it won't recognise my area - I keep getting a message telling me to put the correct area in - ggggrrrr!  Very frustrating! 

We are in the Gulf of Carpentaria not north east Qld but can understand that perhaps the issues are related to issues further east and south - perhaps. 

This is the only way I could see that others had got a response from Telstra when other methods had failed, so thought I would give it a go.

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Re: Telstra Please Check Our Service

Ooops sorry,  noted you said "call" to log the fault ticket. 


I run my own business, have a 15 month old and just don't have time to sit on the phone for hours waiting for Telstra - it frustrates the begeezus out of me. 


Wasted an hour yesterday on the phone only to be told that they were going to transfer me to another section with a long wait time!  This is why I thought I would reach out with the forum thing and see if anyone from Telstra could take some notice.


Thanks again though, Smiley Happy


Support Team
Support Team

Re: Telstra Please Check Our Service

Hi ClemElec76804,

From what I can see, there was a recent outage in the area however this has now been restored.

I’d recommend switching your device off, take out the SIM, reinsert & reboot.

If this doesn't help, please contact our 24x7 mobile assurance team on 132200 so we can investigate & make sure everything is ok on our end.

Apologies for any previous inconvenience.



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