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Telstra Porting In Issue

I'm lost for solutions and hope someone can help with this.

I ported in to Telstra from Optus on December 18. Since porting across I've been unable to recieve calls or texts from any network other than Telstra. I can call any number fine but can't receive them. Telstra mobiles and landlines can call and text me fine. I am guessing something went wrong with the port.

Long story cut short I was told on December 18 that the problem had been escalated and would be fixed within 7-10 days. It's now 12 days and nothing. I called yesterday and was told it was being worked on by back of house and would be fixed within 24 hours. Here we are 24 hours later and still nothing. I call again and get told it will be 2 business days so now we are looking at next Wednesday.

What do I do? The staff you speak to when you call 132200 couldn't seem to care less and just tell you it's being worked on and will be fixed soon. Meanwhile I can't recieve calls and very much regret porting into Telstra.

Has anyone been through a similar issue when porting in and are able to shed some light on what I should do? I have the incident reference number if that helps anyone.

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Re: Telstra Porting In Issue

The department which handles these issues is Activations
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Re: Telstra Porting In Issue

Thanks I’ll give them a try!

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