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Telstra Pre Paid update old plan

Hello All, 


My childern are both on Pre paid mobiles $30 plans, both of which are older plans.


I have suffered some frustration trying to get them updated to current plans


My Daughters plan is on a Pre Paid Extra Plan, gives her 2 gig of data and unlimited calls


My sons plan is on pre paid max plan, gives 15 gig of data and unlimited calls.


I have been trying to get them updated to the latest pre paid $30 complete plan, but i have been having no luck at all, I have tried the messaging app and also my telstra with no luck at all.


I don't believe either number is linked to me as we just bought the starter sim several years ago, i just want to be able to link them and update them


Can anyone help me?





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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Telstra Pre Paid update old plan

To link them to your Telstra ID, log in via https://my.telstra.com.au and then click on Settings->Account Settings then scroll down and you will see a blue button to add a service/account. Click on that, enter the phone number of the service you are trying to add and a confirmation SMS will be sent to that number. Once it is confirmed, you will be able see and manage the service via the My Telstra app or the website.

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