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This service isn't linked to the telstra ID you entered

I am very disappointed with Telstra as a long term customer who I have supported over the years as " a good service provider" Unfortunately my recent dealings with Telstra has changed my view!

I bought a Samsung Galaxy Watch last week (a supported Telstra device) and I am still yet to have it activated on the Telstra One Number. I have spent over 6 hours on the phone and online to attempt to have my device activated but with no success; I only receive "This service isn't linked to the Telstra ID you have entered". I can log into my 24/7 account no problems I am using the correct details; I have spent over an hour at a Telstra Shop who the rep who was also a recent ex Samsung rep stating the problem was with Telstra internally. I have also been to Samsung booth who has also stated the problem is with Telstra. I have raised a complaint with Telstra and now have been assigned a case manager who initially advised I would have to wait 48 hours while they monitor the fault???? It's not an intermittent fault; followed by wait another 24 hours for it to be escalated and assigned for follow up with a specialist. Today I have been advised it will be escalated again to another specialist again and I need to wait as other 24hrs. THIS IS REDICULAS! Do Telstra have any qualified tech's left???? Has anyone else had this problem and have had a positive outcome or have they just moved on from Telstra???

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Re: This service isn't linked to the telstra ID you entered

So you have a mobile service on a postpaid consumer plan linked to your Telstra ID but it isn't being recognised?

That would be one for very specialised skills which would be why it is taking time. They would need to identify if it is a Telstra ID issue or a verification issue or a one number issue or something in between. It could require a combined resolution between several teams. Yes, it is unhelpful to wait, I mean especially in the day and age of instantaneous but honestly if they are escalating it, it is likely that they are working to eliminate the issues to find you a resolution...
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