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Why are Telstra Increasing Roaming Prices?

I've used international roaming before on Telstra, so imagine my suprise when I find that the costs are going UP considerably from 24 March, all the while Telstra are making noise about reducing the cost of data roaming?


find it amazing that Telstra can raise prices to some of the most popular travel destinations, yet claim it's a price cut.


From 24 March, if you want to roam in Indonesia, it's now going to cost you an extra $2.45 per minute to receive a call, whilst making a call to another indonesia (say a travel partner who had the good sense to buy a local sim) will cost $3.11 per minute extra.

Fiji, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, the US, the UK, New Zeland, Italy, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, Greece, France, mainland China, Cambodia and Canada are ALL more expensive to receive calls, some by several dollars per minute (where they were less than $1 a minute before).


If Vodafone customers want to roam in most of these countries, all they need to do is pay $5 per day over their usual plan, and they can use all the data, texting, and calling their plan allows.


This is obscene price gouging. I will make sure I do not receive or make ANY calls while i'm in Malaysia later this year, now that I find out it will cost me an extra 59c a minute to do so ($1.41 now vs $2/min in March). Even using the hotel phone to call Australia would be cheaper than this. It's a joke.


I accept that the cost to make a call to Australia has gone down in most destinations. That's fine, but that is not how most intelligent travellers use their phone when using international roaming.


Something is still wrong with the cost to call Australia. If a Malaysian comes here and uses the Telstra network to call home, they pay 84 cents per minute but when I go to Malaysia, and call home, it's costs me $2 a minute. How is that fair or reasonable?


Telstra management are against the ACCC intervening in their obscene international roaming costs, but I can't wait!

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Re: Why are Telstra Increasing Roaming Prices?

Hi jjcoolaus,


Thanks for your feedback about the pricing changes. The changes to our international roaming prices were made because we wanted to simplify the way we charge for voice calls when travelling overseas. Currently we have different rates for making and receiving calls, calling a local number, calling back to Australia or calling another country. We realise that this makes it difficult for customers to manage your costs. These changes also make it easier for us to communicate international roaming charges to customers.  

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Re: Why are Telstra Increasing Roaming Prices?

The increases are nothing other than price gouging.  How stupid does Telstra think its customers are?  Increases in charges of 200% are a joke when Optus and Vodafone are reducing their charges.  I recommend using skype when traveling overseas.

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