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Why Do I Pay More for 5G

When I got my new Pixel 5, I immediately switched over to a plan with 5G support. What a mistake, I now pay more for a service that is slower than 4G. Luckily I can set 4G as my preferred network. I have full 5G reception but download speeds way less than a 4G connection. I am in the Gold Coast area, is this type of performance expected?



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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Why Do I Pay More for 5G

The iPhone 12 had a similar problem and required a firmware update to fix.


It could also be a new tower that hasn't finished its commissioning phase yet, but the only way to check that out is to get someone with another phone (maybe a Note10+5G as they are known to work well on 5G - I was getting 600Mbps inside my office yesterday) to do a speed test in the same location as you at the same time.

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