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Wifi Calling could be causing muting and dropouts

I have Wifi Calling on a Samsung Galaxy S20 in an area with 4G coverage. When I am on a call outside the house (where I get better coverage) and then come inside (where wifi is better) I get 2 types of call dropouts. Firstly the microphone goes mute so I can hear but can't be heard. This happens every time, so I have narrowed it down to when moving out of mobile coverage. I can't understand why it affects the call this way. Secondly I am sometimes getting the call completely dropping out. This has happened when I am not moving but usually when further away from the wifi signal. I suspect this is due to a non-seamless transition between wifi calling and mobile network. It is becoming quite a problem. As well as the setting, I have an app called Wifi Calling on the phone. I noticed it had no permission to Telephone so I have given it permission, I don't know whether that makes any difference. My previous phone had no issues with wifi calling and dropouts. Has anyone else experienced either of these issues and is there a solution?

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