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Wifi Connection dropping out

I have a Netgear Nighthawk Mobile wifi thingy. Had it about 18 mths, been working fine. About 12 weeks ago I noticed things were taking forever to download (think dial-up-speed), especially images.

I've tried disconnecting and restarting etc.

My computer says I'm connected and with a link speed of 72 Mbps.

The display on the Netgear device shows 'Telstra 4G, full bars but the 'download/upload' arrows are often not activated or keep dropping in and out.

The desktop and wifi nighthawk have been in the same position all year, I haven't moved anything etc. About the same time I started having problems, I notice that instead of 20GB per month I'm now given 30GB per month, but I'm not paying any extra. 

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Re: Wifi Connection dropping out

Are you getting actual wi-fi dropouts or maybe internet service drop outs?


Try running a Telstra Speed Test  from your computerr if you haven't already. Pick a Telstra server close to you.


The 'link speed' you mention is reported on your wi-fi connection? It isn't necessarily the true speed..



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