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Will there ever be phone coverage in Clyde 3978

The only way my phone is of any use apart from a paperweight, here in Clyde is by way of WiFi assist. So now imagine the scenario when there's a power outage and you need to ring 000.  YOU CAN'T!  Telstra would prefer to give me a huge discount off my bill every month than fix the issue. This has been going on for more that three and a half years. It's so heart warming to hear that they're quite happy to put newly acquired 5g capable phones on 5g plans and rake in the money. But, I can't even get 3g.

The local council is deaf to this issue as well.  I dare say they won't be pushing for a cell tower any time soon as they can't even afford to put in dual lane highway to get here. But I digress.....

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Re: Will there ever be phone coverage in Clyde 3978

Only when the property out there starts to get developed and people start moving in.


If you need the emergency services, then 000 should still work as the call will be picked up by the nearest tower (Optus/Vodafone). 000 overrides the network control.

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Re: Will there ever be phone coverage in Clyde 3978

Hi @GrahamBell 


The Telstra Coverage Map has Clyde 3978 4G covered. 5G, like me, isn't available.


I too have issues with call drops outs etc on 4G/3G. Some of us would benefit from a Telstra Mobile Smart Antenna (Not cheap). There are other brands available.


But, if Telstra is prepared to give you (as you say, huge discounts every month) then they might offer the TMSA at a cheaper cost?

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Footnote: I don't work for Telstra, I just try to help out fellow Telstra customers.

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