4K and iQ4 – Foxtel from Telstra FAQ

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4K and iQ4 – Foxtel from Telstra FAQ




What is the iQ4?

The iQ4 is Foxtel from Telstra’s newest satellite set top box (STB), which is compatible with 4K content. Since April 2018, we have been sending this device to Satellite customers. These eligible set top boxes will receive the latest software update to enable 4K content delivery when our first 4K channel launches in the coming months.


Who has the iQ4?

We started releasing this device in April 2018. If you signed up post this date, or have opted for a Satellite iQ3 upgrade, you have received this model. Please note, these orders will reflect iQ3 on your bill if they were made prior to Tuesday August 21.


How do I know if I have an iQ4?

Between Wednesday 15 August and Tuesday 21 August, new software will be released for our customers who have already received an iQ4 device. This will enable 4K content to be delivered in the coming months. Once the software roll out is completed, customers with the iQ4 will notice their TV Guide states ‘4K and HD Channels’ instead of ‘HD Channels’. They will also see a Foxtel 4K Channel coming soon at channel 444.


Why don’t all iQ3 customers get updated to iQ4?

Unfortunately the original iQ3 does not have capability to deliver 4K content. Only customers with a Satellite service and the iQ4 model will receive the software upgrade necessary to enable 4K content delivery.


What is the difference between the iQ3 and the iQ4?

The iQ4 heralds the next step in television and, if entitled, brings customers a fantastic selection of 4K content delivered via our dedicated, new 4K channel (channel 444). The only major difference between the iQ3 and the iQ4 is the ability to support the 4K channel. For the foreseeable future, we will continue to advance both products with exciting new features at the same time.


I’ve heard about an iQ4K, is this the same as the iQ4?

Yes. You may sometimes hear the new set top box referred to as the iQ4, the iQ4K or the iQ4K Ultra-HD. These are all just naming variations of the same set top box – Foxtel From Telstra’s latest set top box that is 4K.


Will the iQ4 still enable access to free-to-air channels?

Yes. While the iQ4 will still enable access to the free-to-air channels, it is worth noting that just like the previous Satellite iQ3, access to specific free-to-air broadcast channels varies based on location, and can also vary for customers migrating from cable to Satellite services.


Can you record on the iQ4?

You will be able to record 4K programs. In order to be able to playback recorded 4K programs, you must ensure that your home setup supports iQ4’s 4K UHD Standard.


Why is iQ4 only available for Satellite customers?

It is currently planned that all residential customers will be on satellite services by 2023. Therefore, the iQ4 model has been developed for Satellite customers. Please note that for the foreseeable future, both products will be advanced with exciting new features at the same time.


Foxtel 4K

What is 4K?

4K, also known as 4K Ultra High Definition, is a new video format measuring 3840 x 2160 pixels on your 4K home television. Pixels are the dots that make up on-screen images – the more pixels there are, the better the resolution of the content, resulting in sharper and more realistic images. 4K is four times the resolution of HD and twenty times the resolution of SD.


How will customers access 4K content?

A 4K channel – Foxtel 4K (channel 444) will be launched for our Foxtel Satellite service in October. Customers will require an iQ4 and must have a subscription to Sports + HD, or Platinum HD, a compatible 4K TV connected with HDMI 2.0 cable (the blue cable that comes with the box). Please note that any other connected equipment must be compatible with Foxtel’s 4K UHD Standard.


Will programming on Foxtel 4K be in ‘full 4K’ resolution?

The dedicated 4K channel will broadcast in 3840 x 2160 pixels at launch, which is the international standard for 4K for TV. For live event broadcasts, there will be a mixture utilising of native 4K and up-scaled, or “up-res”, formats. Native 4K resolution means that the event is filmed, encoded and broadcast in 4K end-to-end. Upscaling is a process that takes video filmed at a lower resolution (e.g. filmed in HD) and adds pixels to produces images at 4K resolution.


Will there only be one 4K channel?

The 4K channel is just the first step in the roll out of 4K. It will feature a host of multi-genre programming across sport, movies, documentaries and more.


What content will be available on the Foxtel 4K channel?

The 4K channel is initially launching with a great selection of mixed-genre programming including sport, movies, documentaries and more. The first, LIVE sporting event in 4K is expected in November. Watching sport in 4K will be a game changer for fans who want to feel like they’re in the centre of the action.


You say there will be cricket on Foxtel 4K. Will there be other sports broadcast in 4K on Foxtel 4K?

The dedicated 4K channel will feature live cricket in 4K from November. This will include Australian men’s international ODIs and T20 matches and every men’s Test match in Australia. A number of BBL matches will also be broadcast in 4K. We expect to add more live, 4K sports coverage in the future.


Who gets access to the 4K channel?

Satellite customers that subscribe to Sport + HD (both existing and legacy), or Platinum HD (and legacy Platinum and HD) will automatically gain the Foxtel 4K channel as part of their subscription. Alternatively, customers can update their package to include Sport + HD or Platinum HD to access Foxtel 4K. Customers will also need iQ4, a compatible 4K TV and compatible HDMI 2.0 cable and must be a Satellite customer for full access – otherwise an error/upgrade message will appear.


How can I check that my TV is 4K compatible?

Check your TV manual or with your TV manufacturer for more details.


Why do I have to have Sport to get the 4K channel?

While the channel will be a great way to experience a variety of content in 4K when it launches, we’re most excited for the next step in the evolution of TV which is the first live, 4K cricket match on the 4th of November. This is a big moment for sports fans, which is why the 4K channel will be linked to the Sports + HD packs.


Does Foxtel 4K cost extra?

Foxtel 4K is offered as part of the Sport + HD, Platinum HD or Platinum + HD (legacy) packages, and requires an iQ4 and a Satellite service.


Will you also offer 4K content from its On Demand library?

Not at launch. 4K content will initially be delivered on the dedicated 4K channel. For now, our On Demand programming will continue to stream in HD.


Why does 4K only work for Satellite customers and not Cable?

It is currently planned that all residential customers will move off the Cable network and onto satellite services by 2023 so investment in cable boxes has not been as heavy. Therefore, the iQ4 model has been developed for Satellite customers.



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Level 6: Bloodhound

Very interesting, but how does one upgrade an IQ2 to an IQ4?? Your website only offers an upgrade path to IQ3!


Can u pleased advise me how to go about upgrading to a 1Q4 desktop box. Can I go to our Telstra store at the Beenleigh Marketplace to speak to someone or do I have to go somewhere else. Our records will show u we have a 1Q2 @ the moment. Can my husband install the new box? How much is it to change to the new 1Q4.


Pamela & Garry Tustian

Level 22: Superhuman
Level 22: Superhuman

Since the TelstraTV can support 4K it would be nice if Foxtel Go was available in 4K also.

Level 24: Supreme Being
Level 24: Supreme Being

@Garry257 - Easiest way to upgrade the box is through MyAccount or by calling 132200 and say 'upgrade foxtel'. 

Unless it changes when it is officially released you will be looking at $125 for the box itself and if you install it yourself the delivery or 'self install kit' is $25... if you have it installed for you it is $75. So $150 yourself or $200 installed. 


As far as installing it, it is pretty simple, the instructions are pretty clear that come with the boxes. 


What is the cost to upgrade to iq4? I presently have iq3 with sports and hd.


Support Team
Support Team

Hi @uncle69


From what I can see, the cost for a Foxtel iQ4 Upgrade is $225 per box. If you're self installing the additional multiroom iQ4 boxes, the cost is $150 per box or $225 per box for a professional install. 


If you're looking to upgrade, please refer to the instructions here

Just Registered

I was sold a Telsta iq4 box and told the Foxtel now app is on there I told the sales person I doubt it but was assured it is


can you confirm ?

Support Team
Support Team

Hi Ts77, 


What was advised by the sales person? 





Just Registered

It has the Foxtel now app 

Level 24: Supreme Being
Level 24: Supreme Being

No. It doesn’t have the Foxtel now app on the iQ4, you do get access to your eligible channels on other compatible devices (iOS, Android by an app and via browsers on macOS and windows) to Foxtel Go to be able to watch your shows on the go ect.