$79 Family and Friends Lease Mobile Plan

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We want everyone to experience Australia’s best mobile network, so we are introducing a new Family and Friends offer with our popular lease plans added with the Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB!


The amazing Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB will be included in the $79 Family and Friends Mobile Lease with no additional handset repayments.


The $79 Family and Friends Lease Mobile plan will include unlimited standard calls and a massive 30GB of data per month – for use in Australia. These plans will work the same way as our current Lease plans where you do not own the device, and:


  • You can enjoy the flexibility to upgrade after only 12 months for $99 when you return the handset in good working order and sign up to a new 24m handset and service plan
  • You can add $10 Swap Assure, which will enable you to upgrade at any time for a one off fee
  • You must return the handset in good working order after 24 months


This offer is available to customers who switch their mobile service to Telstra or sign up to a new mobile service.


Min. cost $1,896 over 24 months on the Family and Friends Lease Mobile plan.  Offer ends 31 May 2018 or until stocks last. Unless removed earlier.


Find out more.

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You mention that the offer has 2 conditions.

1. Customer who switched to Telstra

2. Or sign up to a new service.


Does point 2 mean if an existing customer signs up to a new contract/service?

Level 25: The Singularity
Level 25: The Singularity

Point 2 would typically mean a completely new service, not a recontracting of an existing service.


So great if you have a child who needs a phone for the first time (just get a decent case). Not for if you are already a Telstra customer and you want to upgrade.

Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

That is correct @APatel, if you are an existing customer it means a new service would need to be added. This does not include a re-contract of an existing service. 


Let us know if you have any other questions.

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Its a grsat deal the s9 for 79

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I’m on a $79 lease plan 2 yr contract. It’s been 4 months in the contract, but can I upgrade to the Ultimate Unlimited GB $199 offer instead?

Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Hey Avatar14,


I would recommend having this discussed with our Billing team to see if there would be any issues with the upgrade of the plan being completed. They can be reached via the Live Chat service 24/7 at



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I can not believe Telstra would post an advertisement on a forum where people have existing problems and more than two thirds go unresolved. But hey what a great new deal, spend more money. This goes to show, customer sevice, support, and satisfaction is not taken seriously yet sales and profits are!

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Get the S9 now on your home page for $69

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I love how I got a pixel 2 when it was a month old for $59 with unlimited talk and text and 15GB of $0 repayments and also I get to  keep the phone too not lease it! Nice to see Telstra giving customers less and less whilst asking for more and more 🙂


Keep in mind that when I got that contract I also had the option to get the S8 too but I chose the pixel 2

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I thought crapping bricks was quite a creative name and that's why I liked your post.