Can I change channel packs in my Foxtel from Telstra package?

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This article explains how to change channel packs in your Foxtel from Telstra package, how often you can do it and how much it costs.


How often can I change channel packs?
You can change once a month. There is no charge to change, but your subscription amount may increase depending on the channel packs you choose.

How do I change channel packs?
You can change channel packs to an equal or greater value online. For example, you can swap the Drama pack for the Movie pack as both are of equal value. But you are unable to swap the Sport pack for the Kids pack as they are not of equal value.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to My Account using your Telstra ID
  2. If you have more than one account, you will need to select the relevant account from the blue bar at the top of the screen
  3. Select Manage next to Foxtel from Telstra
  4. Under My Channel Packs, select Swap package on the pack you would like to change from
  5. From the available package(s) below, select Swap Package and then Next
  6. Select Confirm.

How soon after a change can I watch my new channels?
Your new channel packs will available within 30 minutes.

I tried online - why can’t I change channel packs?
You can’t change channels online if:

  • you have an overdue bill
  • you have a pending Foxtel from Telstra order on your account
  • you subscribed to Foxtel before 2010

How do I downgrade or remove channels?

If your Foxtel from Telstra subscription is part of a Telstra Bundle, or you have a Discount Offer applied, you’ll need to request your package removal in the My Telstra app.

  • Open the My Telstra app
  • Tap Get Help
  • Tap the message icon to message to an agent

If your Foxtel is not part of a Bundle or doesn’t have a discount offer, you can request to remove a package from your Foxtel from Telstra subscription online.

How does changing channel packs affect my bill?
If you change your package in the middle of your billing cycle, your account will be adjusted and you will be charged the new rate from this date.

As you pay one month in advance, any part month charges will be reflected on your next month’s bill in addition to your new monthly plan charge.

Where can I find out about updates to Foxtel channels?
Go to Foxtel Support.

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OK Telstra, I have followed all these steps several times over the past couple of months and once I click Swap package, a loading screen appears with the animated star and nothing else happens. I've had a window open for about 20 minutes now and it hasn't changed. I've tried this in Firefox and Edge with the same result. Chrome wouldn't even get past Step 3.

I tried 24/7 Chat and none of your representatives are available at this time. So not 24/7, obviously.

All these so called self service options are just frustrating me as nothing is working as it should.

Clearly I will need to call you to make a change to my Foxtel package.


Hopefully there are developers already working to resolve these functionality issues.

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I have followed the recommended steps many times to try to change my package (now that the NBN has been installed) but I cant even get to the 'swap package' area. My Foxtel from Telstra account is more than 18 years old. I am on Mac and using Google and/safari.... neither works. I do need to speak to someone but due to COVID19 I cant get to speak to anyone.


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When I select 'manage' after about 2 minutes I get taken back to the Telstra home page. I have now been waiting 52 minutes on the phone for a Telstra person to assist. It used to be so much easier when we were with Foxtel directly. I am for the fifty fifth time considering ditching Telstra as out contract is up. Please help.

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This is rubbish ,all I wants do is add sports back to my plan , I have followed every step , but manage my Foxtel page isn’t working every time I try , tried calling the number Telstra provides , which puts me through to Foxtel , who then tell me I have to be put through to Telstra , which no one ever answers , then get cut off , all I am looking to do is give you more money for a service , 

but it’s just so hard , Iam about to give up And just stream it Through Kayano and cancel all my Foxtel and stick with Netflix and Stan . I give up